NDP 2008

Hi Scouts,
3 weeks ago, the sec ones have barely learnt their static drills. The rest have not practice their movement drills and no one can even bang together. 3 weeks later, most of you are marching as though you have done this for your entire lives.
As compared to last year, the difference is very significant. The Guard-of-Honour did themselves proud and were on a par with the NPCC GOH who has been marching for far more longer than we do.
This act greatly emphasizes our 5th Scout Law, A Scout has courage in all difficulties. Through sheer hard work and perseverance, not to mention the endless hours of staying back after school to practice, everyone is rewarded with a good performance put up.
We are also very proud of Xiaoming, the Parade 2ic and Joel, the contingent commander for doing a wonderful job in instructing and keeping everyone in tune. Special thanks to ASL Jerome for taking time off to come down and train everyone and for Ms. Hamida who despite her busy schedule, took time off to come to school early and get the girls’ hair all done up properly. The girls never look so smart before even during Flag Break! All in all, everyone did their best! Do keep it up and maintain this standard for this is your own personal achievement and pride.
SL Jeremy
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