Meeting on 15th August / Catholic High CF on 16th August

Hi Scouts,
Now that NDP is over, we can finally go back to our normal routine. Please see below for details:
Friday [15th August]
Venue: Unity Secondary School
Duration: 1500hrs to 1830hrs
Attire: Half-U only
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
Duty Patrol / PL: Panther / Joel Zhu Zhi
There is no need for full-uniform this week since most of you will be attending the Catholic High Campfire on saturday. Scouts are to bring back your marching boots. Do not leave them in the Scouts Den. You probably won’t be marching anytime soon. Open-mouthed
Saturday [16th August] – Catholic High Campfire
Venue: Unity Secondary School
Duration: 1730hrs to 2200hrs [NPC Team to assemble earlier at 1400hrs – To be confirmed] Cancelled
 Attire: Full Uniform (unicorn or national scarf only)
Duty Scouter: ASL Jerome
Scouts are to have your dinner before turning up in school. In the event that the school is locked, assemble at the block directly opposite the school. Those who are unable to attend the campfire MUST inform the Secretary.
ATTENTION: Tickets not submitted to Ms Hamida by this wednesday will be considered sold.
SL Jeremy
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