NDP rehearsal on Friday & District Campfire on Sat [25th & 26th Jul]

Hi Scouts,
I know most of you are tired after all the NDP rehearsals but do bear a bit longer as NDP is less than 3 weeks away. Even though training is tough, especially for the sec 1s who have to learn and perfect your movement drills, being chosen as the GOH for this year is something not to be missed. I hope everyone will put in his or her best effort and do your best.
Here is the schedule for this week:
Friday – NDP Rehearsal [25th July]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 1500hrs – 1800hrs (Might last till 1830hrs)
Attire: School uniform with t-shirt (Save your scout uniform for District CF)
Duty Scouter: Ms Hamida
Notes: Do remember to drink alot of water before training and cut down on all the heaty stuff. Don’t want anyone fainting and breaking their teeth. Smile Also, though I know training takes up practically 3 days a week, do remember that 1/2 the school (those in uniform groups) are also suffering along with you. Remember your 5th Scout Law. There will be no Scout Meeting since the school designated this as a full-day rehearsal.
Saturday – District Campfire @ Regent Sec [26th July] Compulsory!
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 1600hrs – 2130hrs [1400hrs – NPC Team only]
Attire: Full Uniform with BP Scarf (Bring half-U)
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
– NPC Team are to fall in in school by 1400hrs. There will be a skills lesson conducted this coming saturday. See below for the NPC Team namelist.
– For those who are issued with your Bt. Panjang scarf, you are required to bring it along with you. Those who are not issued will be given your scarves by this Saturday. Also, those who have not paid up please bring $10 this week.
– Scouts who are interested to clear your test work can also come down by 2pm. However, please be prepared for the test(s) that you want to take. You can refer to your Scout/Adv Standard handbooks (available from Scout HQ) for self-study before approaching any of the leaders for test-taking.
Those who have not paid up for scarf and tee ($10)
– Mandy
– Sharlene
– Chen Lu
– Budiman
– Casmond
– Alex
– Xuanyi (paid for scarf only)
NPC Team
– Xiaoming (Team leader)
– Joel (Team 2 i/c)
– Benjamin
– Chen Lu
– Zhu Zhi
– Hanafi
– Nickson
– Clement
– Jasper
In addition, the rest of the Scouts will be separated into 2 ‘shadow’ teams to assist the NPC team in their training. Any questions can be asked via the tagboard and please use your name so that we can identify you.
SL Jeremy
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