Meeting on Friday / Saturday [11th & 12th Jul]

Hi Scouts,
Please see below for the meeting details:
Friday [11th July]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 1500hrs to 1830hrs
Attire: Full Uniform (bring PT kit, marching boots)
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
Duty Patrol / PL: Lion / Wee Keong
– All PLs/APLs are to complete your tasks on hand
– Please bring all completed donation draw booklets and money. No coins will be accepted. Do change all your small change into big notes
Saturday [12th July] – NPC Training
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0900hrs to 1230hrs
Attire: PT Kit
Duty Scouter: SL Hamida
– Due to the tight schedule for NDP (for those who do not know, Scouts will be part of the GOH so our footdrill must be polished..A LOT), we will shift some of our scout training sessions to saturdays. This saturday’s training involves ALL Sec 2s and 3s. Those who are unable to turn up are to submit valid reasons. Sec 1s who want to take any tests (progress or proficiency) are welcomed to drop by to school with proper attire of course.
– This saturday will also be a special one as we’ll be having a combined meeting with both Dunearn Scouts and our Unicorn V&R. It’ll be good to get to know the others from the group if you have not meet them yet.
SL Jeremy
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