Tasks on hand for all PLs/APLs

Hi Scouts,
It was quite heartening and a pleasant surprise for our sec 4s to drop by Scouts meeting yesterday. Even though they should be studying for their O levels. Smile Also, it is good to see Weiping as well as Congsong coming back to the unit to lend a hand. In case the rest don’t know, Weiping and Congsong deserved special mention as they are the pioneers of Unity Scouts and it is good that they are coming back to their Alma Mata to lend a hand. Similarly, I hope that those of you who will one day graduate from Unity will come back as volunteers and pass on your scouting knowledge to your juniors.
Alright, as mentioned yesterday during PLC, the following tasks are to be completed by PLs and assisted by their APLs. Do note that all PLs and APLs are continually being accessed on how efficient you all go about in your duties and whether you require constant reminding or not.
– Consolidate the t-shirt sizing for your patrol members. Also, I’ll need the exact name you want printed on the t-shirt. No long names or nicknames and we’ll alter if neccessary.
– Collect $18 from every patrol member. The breakdown as follows:
  • kit-kat bars for charity. $2/set x 4 (total $8). Pay first and sell later to your friends, neighbours, etc.
  • $7 for district scarf. The district scarf will be worned during our district campfire on Jul 26th and is a limited edition. It has a pretty nice and unique design.
  • $3 for name tag for tees. I’m collecting this amt because each scout only gets one dri-fit unit tee and I hope you all don’t misplace your t-shirts since it’ll be personalized.

The sizing should be given to Meiqi before next friday. For the kit-kat bars, once you collected money from your patrol, pass the money to Ms. Hamida in exchange for your kit-kat packages. PLs to collect the rest of the $10 from each patrol member and pass to me by nxt meeting.

SL Jeremy

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