Meeting on fri [27th June] / Campfire on sat [28th June]

Hi Scouts,
School has reopened and all CCAs have commenced formally. As such, attendance will be compulsory for all scout meetings and events as stated in the official school newsletter. Please see below for the meeting details:
Friday [27th June]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 1500hrs – 1830hrs
Attire: Full uniform (bring PT kit, marching boots)
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
Duty Patrol / PL: Tiger / Xiaoming
Notes: All scouts are to ensure that they have and bring their scout booklet with them every meeting. Those who do not have are to get theirs by next Scout meeting. Exception for sec 3s who have their existing green cards.
Saturday [28th June] – Campfire @ Manjusri Sec
Venue: Gather at Dunearn Secondary
Duration: 1745hrs – 2200hrs
Attire: Full uniform
Duty Scouter: ASL Shafri
Notes: This campfire is not compulsory. However, those who are interested should take this opportunity to attend. For those who do not know how to go, please make neccessary arrangements with your seniors. Have your dinner first before assembling at Dunearn. There will be transport to and fro.
SL Jeremy
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