Informal meeting on Wednesday [18th June] – Non-compulsory

Hi Scouts,
There will be an informal meeting this coming wednesday. Similar to last week, those who are interested in taking any tests/proficiency badges are welcome to turn up. Please note that this meeting is on a voluntary basis. Below are the details:
Wednesday [18th June]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 10am – 4pm
Attire: PT Kit
The following are projected tests that can be taken this week:-
  • National Flag, Anthem and Pledge, Knots (1), Cooking (1)*, Drill (1), Camp (1 -a) – Scout Standard
  • Swim 50m (show proof), Knots (2), Drill (2)**, Exploration (2a) – Adv Scout Standard

*To inform me one day in advance that you are taking part (b), cooking a simple meal for yourself with utensils using firewood
**Provided there’s enough people to form the contingent

In addition, S.Venture Patrick will be giving a lecture and practical session on First Aid (1) & (2). Those who are interested do feel free to come down.

Do remember to bring your Scout Record Book (green booklet) with you at all times so that once tested and passed, the booklet could be updated and signed.

Dunearn Scouts are also welcomed to take your tests from me.

SL Jeremy


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