Activity on Wednesday [11th June]

Hi Scouts,
We won’t be having anymore official meetings till the end of June holidays. However, during these period, there will be some designated days where Scouts can come back to school to do their scout/adv/first-class standards. Do note that all these impromptu sessions are strictly on a voluntary basis and no one is obliged to come down if not free.
Anyway, this coming wednesday, we’ll be having a cook-out session. It’s basically a gathering for leaders and ventures to come together and do some outdoor cooking. At the same time, scouts who want to take their Camp Cook badge or Cooking (1) & (2). See below for summary of criteria. Scouts who want to take other tests (ie. knots, drill etc.) can come down anytime between 9am – 4pm. However, do inform any of the leaders first so that we can prepare to take you for the tests you requested. Please see below for additional details:
Wednesday [11th June]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 9am – 4pm*
Attire: PT Kit with Scout/School tee (only shoes are allowed for students, no sandals/slippers – school regulation)
– Those who are doing their cooking test are to come by 9am. The rest who are coming to take other tests can come anytime between 9am – 4pm, preferably after lunch.
– Those who are taking Camp Cook are to adhere to the criteria below:
  • Be able to cook without utensils. You are allowed to use foil though.
  • Cook a 3-course meal for your group (must be sufficient to feed your group and you must consume it. So don’t try to cook something that looks good but taste bad)
  • Your 3-course meal should include side dish (ie. omelette, porridge, rice etc), a main course (stew, mixed grill, meat) and a dessert (jelly, cakes, pudding etc)
  • Be able to draw up 2 menus (including quantities) of 3 courses each (not all which require cooking) for a patrol of 6. [This could be done before or after the cooking session]
  • Able to understand the importance of balanced diet and illustrate briefly the nutritional components and values of the type of dish served.
  • As this is a Camp Cook badge test, criteria will be strict. Groups must not only know how to prepare and cook food, but must be able to show competence is preparation of pit, starting and maintaining of fire, and methods of cooking. Groups will also be judged on creativity for the presentation of food. In other words, be actively involved in the whole process of Camp Cook, not just preparing and cooking the food. Group members will be also judged individually, so doesn’t mean all will pass.
  • Maximum in a group is 4, minimum is 2. Your food amount should cater to the number of people in your group.

– Those who are doing their Cooking (1), must be able to clear part (a) – light a fire using firewood and matches before allowing to continue with part (b) – cooking a simple meal.

– Those who are doing Cooking (2) are to follow Camp Cook criteria. (ie. no utensils allowed.)

For further details, you can either contact me or ask your questions using the tagboard.

Request by the secretary:
Anyone who is good in drawing, designing and want to contribute their talents, do approach Meiqi as she needs help in decorating our notice board.

SL Jeremy

ps: For those who took Cooking (2) last friday, all groups passed except Joel’s group. If you want to know the reason, you can contact your tester personally.


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