Meeting on friday + Campfire on sat [6th & 7th June]

Hi Scouts,
This will be the last meeting for the unit for the rest of the June holidays. However, throughout the June holidays, there will be short sessions for those who are interested in their test taking. This is to allow those who want to get their standards/proficiency badges faster (Do note that this will be on a strictly voluntary basis but details will be put up on the blog so do check regularly). In addition, there will be a campfire at Hougang Secondary this coming saturday. See below for more details:
Friday [6th June]
Venue: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0900hrs – 1530hrs
Attire: Full Uniform (Bring PT Kit)
Duty Patrol / Duty PL: Panther / Joel
Duty Scouter: ASL Shafri
All are to bring your stationery. Sec 1s will be taking National Flag & Anthem, Exploration 1 and Cooking 1a – starting a fire.
Sec 2 and 3 will be taking their outdoor cooking test.
– Not more than 3 people per group.
– Groups are to come up with and submit a menu with details on ingredients and methods of cooking included.
– Must consist of meat, vegetables, rice or noodles and a dessert.
– No utensils can be used but you are allowed to use aluminium foil. Do check with your tester if unsure.
Saturday [7th June]
Venue: Hougang Secondary
Assembly time: 1730hrs
Attire: Full Uniform
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
Notes: For those who are going, please assemble by latest 1745hrs outside Scouts Den. If school is not opened, please gather under the block opposite the school. Do have an early dinner. So far, less than 10 people have responded. Those who want to go, do give your replies by this coming friday. There will be transport to and from Hougang Sec.
SL Jeremy
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