Singapore River Raft Race 2008

The Singapore River Raft Race has became part of our tradition and almost every year, we have been sending entries in. This year is no different, though we received a pretty late notification of the event. The participants barely had a week to complete their raft since the race date was around a week or so after their exams.
Today was an exceptionally hot day, as like previous days. So far, SRRR has enjoyed good weather forecasts over the years. Most of us went there early, at around 9am onwards, but we found out that the school category only starts after lunch. Our was scheduled at 1pm onwards. However, time did past very quickly since most of us were familiar with the area and went to hang out at the various shopping centres and to stay out of the scorching heat. Our team was called Endeavour, and comprising of the following members:
– Budiman (Team Leader)
– Xiaoming
– Joel
– Chenlu
– Benjamin
There was a queue waiting to enter the waters and the raft before us met with an unfortunate accident by capsizing, throwing all the participants into the water. Sad to say, our raft also followed suit even though the surface area was larger than the previous raft. Somehow, the balance was not there and our 3 rowers were not able to sit securely. This time round, though the raft was bouyant enough, the combination of poor construction and lousy padals caused us to come in 2nd last. To make matters worse, the raft capsized again just after the finishing line.
Lessons could be learnt from this. Last minute preparations won’t make a good raft, especially if the team is inexperienced. Of course, the team have a shorter time frame to build the raft, but good planning and preparations are important to ensure success. Hopefully, the team can learn from this year’s mistakes and advice the following year’s participants on sending in a much better entry.
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