PLTC Reflections

I’m sure all of us who attended PLTC enjoyed it. It has been fun, meaningful, enjoyable, and most probably one of the best camps we’ll ever had in our scouting life.


Our campsite is located at Sarimbun, where our combined unity scouts and guides camp was held recently. However, this time round, we weren’t sleeping in the dormitory but in the tents instead. After pitching our tents, we had games. At first, I was dreading the games but it all turned out great! Determination was needed for most of the stations. If there weren’t determination, the group would admit defeat without trying their best. Some people were afraid of the trust fall. At this station, they need the patrol members’ encouragement to jump down. Hence, teamwork is very important too.


Most of the lectures were given by Lian Kwee Sir. We were taught about leadership. A unit can manage without a Scout Leader, but it can’t manage without a patrol leader. Patrol leaders play an important role, as others will follow their examples. Everyone can be a boss, but not everyone can be a leader. A leader is someone who can lead, and have the initiative to lead. Someone who is highly skilled but not highly motivated can’t be a good leader. A good leader has to be both highly skilled and motivated. With skills, he/she can teach the patrol members well. With motivation, he/she can motivate the patrol members, and make them perform enthusiastically.


We also learnt about the 4style of leadership.






Different styles of leadership work well in different situations. For example, autocracy works well when the leader has to make a quick decision.

Cooking wasn’t easy as we were given a limited amount of time and the food given was barely sufficient for some groups. Again, teamwork was needed for this part. If there were only three people doing everything (cooking, washing), it was not possible to complete everything on time. Every patrol member had to make sure they helped out in something if they wanted to have a good meal.


On the second day, we participated in the Challenge Valley and the nature rumble. During the Challenge Valley part, we were supposed to rely on ourselves and our team- mates could only help us mentally. For nature rumble, to make sure everyone was able to complete safely, we had to be united and help each other. It was not easy to overcome the obstacles, but the PLTC batch of 2008 succeeded!


Personally, I think we had been taught lots of meaningful things during this 3D2N camp. "One for all, All for one" Yes, when one person is late, everyone knock it down. During physical training, I learnt that if you tell yourself you can do something, then no matter whatever that stops you, you can still do it. It’s yourself and nothing else that keeps you going. And also, build up some positive attitude. Don’t say the word "try" and "I don’t know”. Instead, we should say, "Do my best", "I’ll find out", "If I can’t, then I must. There’s always a way"


Written by:

Goh Meiqi

PLTC Participant 2008

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4 Responses to PLTC Reflections

  1. alex says:

    wtf stop lying
    post  by alex"bro xD

  2. Lian Kwee says:

    You make me proud

  3. Dunearn Unicorn says:

    Be glad LK, she mentioned you. She didnt even dare to mention the wonderful night activity. Yawn

  4. icez says:

    penguin…seems like u did learnt a lot…haha…ur patrol didn\’t get best patrol which i tot ur
    patrol would but what can i say…what matters is the process…haha:)…also meiqi u have
    grown up???…in ur mindset…haha

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