PLTC! [17th – 19th May]

Hi all,
I know most of you must be really excited to attend the upcoming PLTC. PLTC is a mandatory leadership camp which every Scout must go through. You’ll definately learn something useful, be it camping elements, scouting elements and other skills which you can pick up during these 3 days. Do check out the details below:
Saturday [17th May]
Assembly area: Unity Primary School (wait inside the school at the guard room)
Assembly time: 0730hrs sharp!
Attire: Full Uniform
– We’ll be taking a lift from the bus together with the Unity cubs. As such, ALL equipment needed (ie. 3 tents, gadget poles) MUST be taken out from the Scout Den on Friday and preferably those who stay near the school can bring the tents and poles back. (You might want to leave it with the person who is staying nearest to Unity Primary so that the next day, some of you can go to his or her house and help to bring down the equipment)
DO NOT wait at Unity Sec. Scout Den won’t be opened on saturday as well.
– In addition, all participants are to ensure that they have everything ready for PLTC. 
Please do not be late. Secretary is to account for strength on that day.
SL Jeremy
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