Community Service @ Pertapis Children’s Home

Hi Scouts,
We’ll be doing community service at Pertapis Children’s Home this coming saturday with Unity guides. As such, there will NOT be any Scout meeting this friday. Details as follow:
Saturday [12th April]
Assembly area: Unity Secondary
Duration: 0730hrs – 1330hrs
Attire: Half-Uniform (you might want to bring an extra t-shirt)
Duty Scouter: Ms. Hamida
– There will be transport to and from the Pertapis Children’s Home. The bus is expected to come back to Unity by 1300hrs, and dismissal to follow afterwards.
– You are advised to have breakfast before you get to school or bring something to eat along the way. Bring a water bottle as well.
– Contribution and donation in the form of canned food (pls check expiry date) and clothing is very much appreciated. Do note that if you wish to donate clothing, it’ll be mainly for children aged between 4 – 16 years old. Do pack whatever you are donating properly so that we can present it to the home without repacking.
We will be doing a BBQ there among the activities using the portable BBQ sets used during the sec 1 orientation open house. For the benefit for the kids as well as for yourselves (remember, no lunch till back to school), every patrol is to come out with a list of items to bring to cook. The food items should be easy to cook aka finger food. Suggestions are marshmellows, cocktail sausages, nuggets, or even home-made garlic bread. There will be no budget given, so each patrol just need to contribute a couple of items for cooking.
In addition, do note that this event is not compulsory except for Sec 4s who are required to chalk out their mandatory CIP hours under school regulation. It’ll be better to chalk up your hours now and be done with it rather than wait till nearing your prelims and ‘O’ levels before fulfilling your CIP hours. For the rest, should you want to participate, this community service will allow you to 1) clear your community service for Scout Std/Adv Scout Std and 2) chalk out some hours needed for NYAA bronze.
SL Jeremy
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