Unicorn Chalet Outing – R & R

For those who don’t know, R & R stands for Rest & Recreation and that was exactly how everyone spent their 2 days at the Aloha Loyang chalet. Unlike last year where we held out ORD event at Sentosa pretty late (december), this year, we decided to hold the ORD event for our sec 4s just before they stand-down. It’ll also mark a climax to all the activities that had taken place since the beginning of the year up till now.
Despite the event being an optional one, the turn out from both schools were pretty good. Though we left school pretty early, around 1030am, due to some miscommunication, we were unable to check into the chalet till 3pm. Hence, everyone disembarked at Downtown East where it was free and easy for the next couple of hours.
By 3pm, we finally managed to check into the chalet and everyone broke off into various groups. Some went to take advantage of the huge pool there and played their water games. The rest either went to the nearby arcade or stayed behind to have a game of mahjong. By 6pm, everyone was famished and that was the time for BBQ to start. The spread was mouthwatering; with lamb chops, stingray, beef steaks, chilli squids and other delectable selections. We were fortunate to have a big plot of open space just behind the chalet so games like volleyball continued throughout the night.
Time flew by fast especially when everyone was having fun. By 9pm, the sec 1s and those who couldn’t stay had to leave to catch the shuttle bus. Before that, the sec 3s conducted a small presentation ceremony where they presented the outgoing sec 4s with cards and small tokens of appreciation. The games and fellowship continued throughout the night till the wee hours in the morning.
Every chalet has its share of stories and we also had an unexpected encounter during the wee hours in the morning. I guess this story will carry on down through many generations of Unicorn scouts. ^^ We departed by late morning with fond memories of all that has transpired throughout those two days.
As for the sec 4 Ventures, this is not the end of your scouting life. Do hope that you made lots of memories throughout these 4 years in Unity and keep your links with the group for many more years to come.
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