Group ORD Chalet @ Aloha Loyang [5th – 6th Apr]

Hi Scouts,
The event everyone has been looking forward to, our group ORD chalet retreat! The purpose of this chalet is to send off our sec4s who have rendered 4 good years to the unit. They will be stepping down from active Scouting to concentrate on their coming O levels. This event also marks the drawing of a close of the second term, where the whole group, scouts and leaders alike can take a break from the numerous amount of activities held during the first couple of months and enjoy! Do check out the details below:
Saturday – Sunday [5th – 6th April]
Assembly area: Unity Secondary
Fall-in time: 1000hrs
Attire: Casual (not required to wear unit t-shirt. wear something comfortable)
– There will be a bus to bring all of us there. Bus will leave at 1030hrs sharp. For those who will be going back on the first day (ie. sec ones and those who can’t stay overnight), there’ll be a bus to take you back at 2100hrs to CCK MRT.
– All consent forms MUST be submitted, especially for those who are staying overnight.
– Lunch will not be provided since it’ll be free and easy most of the day (next day breakfast as well). Do bring along some money for misc. expenditure. Dinner will be a sumptous BBQ for all.
– You are advised to bring some extra clothing if you are planning to swim in the pool, or stay overnight. In addition, those who plan to use the pool are required to bring along proper swimwear. There are other campers besides us using the facilities, so let’s be considerate.
For those who are unable to come in the morning but wish to join us later in the day and for the night event, you can make your way down to the chalet. Address below:
Aloha Loyang
159W Jalan Loyang Besar Singapore 507020
Tel: 6582 8006
Sea View Bungalow 15
There is a free shuttle bus from Pasir Ris MRT to Aloha Loyang. Check out the link here: Shuttle Bus Schedule
Lastly, do note that this event is not compulsory though we would like as many as possible from the group to come together and have an enjoyable time!
SL Jeremy
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