Combined Camp @ Sarimbun [14th – 15th Mar]

Hi Scouts,
Job Week Camp is over and I’m glad that everyone put in effort in helping our unit achieve our target this year. Job Week’s aim is to teach every Scout the meaning of hard work, along with the virtues of honesty and perseverence. Doing a job is never easy, and even the process of going to a block, knocking on doors, making an effort to be polite even if the home owner slams the door in your faces are all part and parcel of the job. Some jobs are easy and pay well, but others require you to expend alot of effort and get paid little for your efforts. Regardless, I hope everyone learn something about Job Week and the values of honesty and hard work.
This coming friday, we’ll be having a combined adventure camp (with Unity Guides & Dunearn Scouts) at the Sarimbun Scout Campsite. This 2D1N camp is packed with activities, which include SRIT station games, cooking in the wild as well as clearing the Challenge Valley. There will also b a surprise activity which will be pretty exciting to both boys and girls. For more details, do take note of the below mentioned:
Combined Camp @ Sarimbun (Fri – Sat)
Assembly venue: Unity Secondary School
Assembly time: 0730hrs (Bus will leave by 0800hrs)
Attire: Full Uniform
– For those who haven’t handed up their consent forms, you are to bring it on the day itself. We don’t want to waste time calling up your parents to confirm.
– With the exception of breakfast on friday, meals are all provided. You are strongly encouraged to have your breakfast/bring something to eat along the journey for the first day. There are no mamak shops in Sarimbun, only grass.
– Do not bring any valuables to camp. No HP chargers, PSPs or any electronic stuff. We are not liable for any losses.
In addition, take note of the following that you MUST bring:
– Poncho (it has been raining alot so pls bring your OWN poncho. The scout den has no more ponchos left for loan. You can buy your camping stuff at Causeway Pt Level 3 or make your way down to Beach Rd)
– Water bottle (campsite is huge, and there are no watercoolers available everywhere)
– Mosquito repellent
– Pocket knife (you’ll need one for outdoor cooking. Anyway, all Scouts should have your own pocket knife – either Swiss knife or equivalent)
– Extra shoes/socks (if possible, bring a pair which you want to throw away afterwards. All activities will be carried out in proper footwear so no slippers allowed. Sandals are allowed for bathing at night)
For those who are still unsure of what to bring or have lost the packing list, please download and refer to the list below:
We will be giving out the prizes for Job Week, badges as well as doing our promotion during the camp. Do hope to see all of you there and have a good rest one day before the camp. For those who are still unsure of what to do, you can contact me or any of the leaders.
SL Jeremy
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2 Responses to Combined Camp @ Sarimbun [14th – 15th Mar]

  1. Mallika says:

    Jeremy sir, can we go somewhere else please, my girlfriend said that Sarimbun scouts

  2. Mallika says:

    I mean she said it sucks balls! Aiyo!

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