Job Week Camp [8th – 10th March]

Hi Scouts,
It’s the time again for our annual Job Week Camp. Please see below for details:
JWC (sat – mon)
Venue: Unity Secondary
Time: 0800hrs (sat)
Attire: Full Scout Uniform with beret (see packing list below)
– This Job Week Camp will be a 3D2N stay-in camp in school. Unless valid excuses with letter provided, all are required to camp overnight in school.
– Breakfast (2nd & 3rd days), Dinner & Supper (1st & 2nd days) will be provided. Please bring some money for your lunches outside.
– Please bring along your neccessary camping stuff for 3 days. All will be sleeping in classrooms during the night.
In addition, it is advisable to bring along the following items:
– small sling bag/pouch to keep your belongings when moving out
– ziplock bag to keep your earnings and card
– 2-3 black/blue pens
– waterbottle
– umbrella
– extra PE/Scout t-shirt
– sufficient lunch money for 3 days (arnd $20)
Do have a good rest before you turn up on Saturday. Do also take note that there will be NO CCA on Friday.
SL Jeremy
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