Founder’s Day Rally – 23rd Feb

It has become a tradition for Bt. Panjang District to hold our yearly Founder’s Day Rally at different school locations. This year, the Rally was held at Dunearn Secondary and it was convenient because we did our Investiture the night before and being at Dunearn meant we won’t need to spend time travelling to another school. However, everyone still had to wake up early to chip in for the final preparations.
This year’s Founder’s Day Rally was chaired by ASL Koon Seng and his team. The first unit arrived before 8am and by 9am, we were able to commence the flag break on time. This year’s Rally was pretty activity-driven; cub scouts and scouts alike had barely enough time to rest as they move from one activity to another. The whole event finally ended at 5pm, where prizes were presented to the top Scout and Cub Scout units.
Despite the ocassional hiccups in the programme as well as a number of casualties sustained in the course of the event, everything proceeded well. Kudos to Koon Seng and team for putting in the time and effort to make the yearly Founder’s Day Rally a success!
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