Investiture 2008

The investiture is a solemn ceremony carried out yearly to officially welcome new scouts as well as a chance for ventures, rovers and leaders to renew their commitment to Scouting as they move on to assume new roles and appointments. This year, our investiture coincided with our founder’s day, making this ceremony a special one. 22nd of february was on a friday, and since the following day was our annual District Founder’s Day Rally, we decided to hold our investiture on a friday night.

This year’s investiture was held at Bt. Brown (we held last year’s investiture at the same place as well). As per tradition, we decided to hold the investiture in Singapore’s oldest chinese cemetery at the largest tomb area located within the heart of the cemetery. The tomb area was huge, and even with nearly 90 scouts and leaders, everyone managed to gather within the area. As a mark of respect, incense was being offered in prayer before the investiture begun.

A total of 39 were invested that night: 25 Scouts, 12 Venture Scouts, 1 Rover Scout and 5 newly promoted leaders.

To the newly invested scouts, this marks the beginning of your journey in Scouting. May you grow and progress through your Scouting life.

To the venture and rover scouts, you are not only renewing your commitment to continue your journey with the Unicorn Scout Group, but also this is a pledge to continue to strive and progress through the Scouting way.

And lastly, to the newly elected leaders, wearing a tie not only elevates you to a position of leadership, but remember the responsibilities that you bear on your shoulders when you wear the tie around your neck.

Once again, congratulations and a big welcome to those who just joined the Unicorn family.

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