Founder’s Day & Scout Rally (22nd & 23rd Feb)

Hi all,
Feb 22nd is an important day for Scouts all around the world as we celebrate the birth of our founder, Lord Baden Powell. Below are the details as follow:
Friday (22nd Feb)
Attire: Full Uniform with beret
Assembly time: 0630hrs
Venue: Outside Scout Den
Notes: There will be a Founder’s Day observation ceremony in the morning. All Scouts are to be in their full uniform and assemble outside the Scout Den. After the observation ceremony, Scouts are given the option to change into half-U (unicorn t-shirt and scout pants/skirt). Please do not get your uniforms dirty or crumpled as you’ll need to wear it during the Investiture Ceremony later at night. You are not supposed to change into your school uniform as mentioned by me last week. It’s Founder’s Day, so wear your uniforms proudly!
Investiture + Scout Rally (22nd Feb evening and 23rd Feb)
Assembly time: 1600hrs (sec ones only)
                       1630hrs (sec twos to fours)
Attire: Half-U
Venue: Outside Scout Den
Notes: Sec Ones are to fall-in earlier to take the World Scout Badge test. There will be a bus to take all of us to Dunearn Secondary. Do take note that this will be a 2 day 1 night event so do pack your stuff accordingly. Sec ones, do check out with your PLs/seniors if unsure of what to bring.
In addition, please bring along the following:
– Full Uniform with beret
– Money for dinner and misc expenditure ($10 – $20)
– Water bottles
– Stationery
– Mosquito repellent
SL Jeremy
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