Sec 1 Orientation Camp (26th Jan – Sat)

Hi all,
There will be no Scout Meeting on 25th Jan (friday). Instead, we’ll be officially welcoming the sec ones into our unit on 26th Jan (saturday). The sec ones will have a chance to observe how a scout meeting is like as well as to get involved in the various activities. Details as follow:
26th Jan (Saturday)
Duration: 0900hrs – 1600hrs
Venue: Unity Secondary
Attire: Full-Uniform (Bring PT kit, marching boots)
Duty Scouter: ASL Jerome
Duty Patrol: (see below)
Notes: As the sec 4s will be going on their first-class hike this weekend, the sec threes will be planning for the meeting this saturday. Please ensure that the programme is submitted by Friday.
Sec 4s, please ensure that you have already submitted your consent forms. Those without consent forms WILL NOT be able to go for the hike.
SL Jeremy
ps: All Ventures are to attend their Venture meetings in any event that Scout and Venture meeting take place on the same day. Unless permission is granted, Venture meetings take priority over Scout meetings.
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