Sec 1 Recruitment 2008

It seemed like just a while when we had our recruitment drive in 2007 and the time has come for another year of recruitment. This year, instead of our usual spot beside the street soccer court, we were given a spot in the parade square itself, where most of the uniform groups and other CCA booths are going to be. Having done free-standing pioneering structures on concrete for the past couple of years, the challenge therefore was to build a bigger and more ‘fun’ structure which can attract potential recruits to our booth.

First day of school begun on wednesday, thus effectively giving us about 2-3 days to come out with our pioneering structure by friday. With the help of everyone, we managed to get everything up in time for orientation. By 3pm, the steady streams of sec ones were swarming the parade square looking at various booths and exhibits. This year, ever since scouting for girls was introduced in 2007, our target group was widen to include recruiting girls into Scouts as well. We aim to present scouting as a lifestyle for both boys and girls in Unity.

By 5pm, the rain started to pour. However, by that time, most of the sec ones had returned to the hall and we commenced part two of our programme, certificates and badges presentation!

Congratulations to the following who got their Scout Standards:
– Xiaoming
– Chenlu
– Hanafi
– Desiree
– Benjamin
– Kah Kien

For those who have not received their Scout Standards and proficiency badges, do not worry. We’ll be having another cert/badge presentation ceremony during February so work hard and achieve your targets! For those who received your badges, do not stop and continue to achieve more.

Anyway, a big thank you to everyone who took time off and contributed to our first event of the year!

SL Jeremy


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