Unicorn Scouts Group – ORD Event @ Sentosa

Having a group event around this time of the year is risky, especially out at the beach. It was the rainy season and to make matters worse, the past 3 days prior to the event saw continuous rain day and night, stopping only occasionally. We were worried, but we decided to go on with the event. The turn-out wasn’t fantastic, since many were holidaying elsewhere and were not able to make it for the event. However, we still have 40+ of us descending upon Palawan beach at Sentosa.
I must say that our prayers were answered that day when for the first time after many days, the sun was out! We reached the beach shortly around 9am and already the beach was starting to get crowded. It’s a good thing some of us went there first and we managed to ‘book’ the hut to put all our belongings. Everyone was in beach gear and after a short briefing, most of the boys couldn’t resist and jumped into the lagoon. From then on, we played lots of water games, including captain’s ball, wrestling and everyone’s favourite, ‘capture and dunk the scout’. Dark clouds started to form just before noon but the rain didn’t come.
After lunch, the second round of games begun with everyone breaking into their individual game groups. It’s until 3.30pm when we decided to call it a day and head for the showers. Had a group photo taken before packing up and leaving the island by 5pm.
I think most of us had fun there, leaders, ventures and scouts alike. It is always fun to play together and enjoy the spirit of comradeship with each other. We hope to organize another similar event like this in future. Meanwhile, do enjoy the photos!
You can download a bigger version of the group photo here:
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