End-of-yr Group Event – Sentosa!

21 days to Christmas, 26 days to 2008! However, before we begin our countdown to 2008, what better way to end 2007 with a bang!
This year, we’ll be holding our group event at Sentosa. This group event is also specially held for our graduating scouts (ie. the sec 4s) and it is our wish to thank them for four good years of service in the respective units. We do hope that they’ll continue with the Unicorn family even after this but this will be another matter. For now, let’s all come together and have fun! More details below:
Venue: Sentosa
Assemble location: Unity Secondary
Date: This Saturday (8th December)
Time: 0800hrs – 1600hrs
Attire: Beach-wear! (please DO NOT wear your school PT-kit. Open-mouthed )
– 1-way transport provided from school. You’ll be dismissed from there. I know some of you might probably want to linger around Vivo or somewhere
– Please wear proper footwear, ie. shoes or sandals. No slippers.
– Lunch is provided but do bring some spare change along should you want to buy anything from the convenience stores or rent blades/bicycles
– Bring yourself but don’t forget to bring your water bottles, suntan lotion, personal first-aid kit, caps or whatever you think you might need there
– Oh yeah, if you are planning to take a dip in the lagoon, don’t forget to bring extra change of clothing!
In addition to the above, our group t-shirts are ready at last! Each one of you will get two t-shirts, 1 sponsered by the unit and the other with a price-tag of $6.20. So please bring along some money so that we can issue both to you and clear our accounts. See you this saturday!
SL Jeremy
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