Upcoming Activities – Stay tuned! (Changes in Red)

Hi Scouts,
as year 2007 draws to a close, we have a few more exciting activities lined up for all. Here’s what’s going to happen in the next 2 weeks:
29th November (Thursday) – 7th December (Friday)
Activity: Goodwill Camp – M’sia
Venue: To assemble at Clementi Woods Secondary
30th November (Friday)
Activity: Red Cross Campfire
Venue: Unity Secondary School
Notes: All sec 3s will be involved in helping the Red Cross with their campfire preparations.
1st December (Saturday)
Activity: Clementi Town Campfire
Venue: Assemble at Dunearn Secondary (1-way transport provided)
Time: 1600hrs – 2200hrs
Notes: Let’s all have fun for our last campfire of the year!
8th December (Saturday)
Activity: Unicorn Scouts Group ORD Event
Venue: Sentosa – Palawan Beach
Time: 0800hrs to 1600hrs (full day event. Meeting time TBC)
Notes: We’ll be having a 1 day event for the whole group to be held at Sentosa. Transportation and food provided. Stay tuned for more updates!
SL Jeremy
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