Meeting on 23rd November – Friday

Hi Scouts,
I know Ubin camp is just over, but since it’s the school holidays now and considering we won’t have anymore scout meetings during December, so this will be one of our last scout meetings for the year. We’ll be having a slightly longer than usual scout meeting, where we’ll try to complete as many of our Scout, Adv. Scout and First Class standards while we could for the year. Details as follow:
Venue: Unity Secondary
Time: 10.30am – 4.30pm
Attire: Full Uniform (bring half-uniform)
Duty Patrol / PL: Lion / Benny
Notes: We will be having a sandwich making competition for lunch! More details below. For the second half of our meeting, we’ll concentrate on our respective progress badges and such. Those taking their first-class scout standard will be doing a pioneering structure, so be prepared.
Sandwich-making Competition
– Interpatrol competition
– Judged based on creativity, presentation and taste
– You are to prepare sufficient for your patrol and the judges. This will be your lunch as well. (Allowed to share among patrols for tasting)
– Please prepare your own foodstuff and cutlery. However, if you need to cook, we have enough bunsen burners + gas for you.
– You may choose to buy the ingredients on the day itself, however, do plan what you want to do beforehand!
– This competition will last 2 hrs, from 11am – 1pm.
SL Jeremy
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