Akan Datang – Combined camp with guides

Hi all,
Most, if not all if you should have having your exams by now and hopefully, studying very hard for your papers. For the sec 4s, Os are around the corner, so do your best! Don’t just give up when you are so close to the finishing line.
Anyway, the next coming big activity will be the combined camp with our Unity guides. It’ll be a 2D1N camp held at the end of the month, compulsory for all to attend. During this camp, we’ll finish up the Scout standard syallables for all who haven’t passed as well as touch on Adv/First Class scout standards for the rest. You’ll stand to miss out alot of you miss this camp!
We’ll also be having an outdoor cooking session plus other interesting activities. This camp will be planned mainly by the PLs of both sides, hence you’ll be given free reign in whatever you want to plan except for certain time slots in which myself and other leaders would have to conduct lessons and such.
More details to be out soon.
PLs, please collect your t-shirt sizes from your patrol members and submit them to me next meeting so that we can get the t-shirts done fast.
Yours in Scouting,
SL Jeremy
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One Response to Akan Datang – Combined camp with guides

  1. alex says:

    can dun go

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