Meeting on 3rd August – NDP Full-dress rehearsal

Hi Scouts,
As NDP draws near, we’ll be having our final preparations for our NDP line-up this coming friday. There will be no Scout meeting on friday; instead, all uniform groups are required to attend a full-dress rehearsal. Details as follow:
Meeting time: 2pm
Attire: Full-uniform with beret (assemble in half-u)
Notes: We’ll be having an internal practice session from 2pm onwards. Do have your dinner before turning up. The actual practice session will commence by 3.30pm. Do note that for this friday’s event, ALL, including those who are not in the contigent, are required to attend. The boots have been delivered by the supplier already, so those who have not placed their order must do so through Ms. Hamida before this friday.
Also, all donation draw booklets should be handed in to Ms. Hamida by now. Booklets which are not handed in will be considered sold and money to be paid in full. This is stipulated under the circular issued out by Scout HQ.
In addition, those who placed orders with me for the limited edition commemorative badges (100 yrs of scouting), do bring your money this friday else they’ll be sold to others who are interested as well.
SL Jeremy
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