Taiwanese Scouts Homestay Programme

Unicorn Scouts Group was approached to host a homestay programme for the Scouts from Xinyi Scout Troop, Taiwan, and it was a privilege for us to participate in such an activity despite the short notice given. Together with members of the Unicorn V&R crew, our Scouts hosted a total of 22 Scouts (14 girls and 9 boys) in our respective homes over the weekend.
This short but memorable homestay programme gave us an opportunity to find out one another’s cultures and practices and to give a glimpse to the Taiwanese Scouts on what it was like to interact with us on a personal level via the homestay. We also had lots of fun during the outing on Sunday. It wasn’t very easy bringing 22 people around Singapore (think of the transport; all of them are without the convenience of ez-link cards) but all in all, we hope that we gave the Taiwanese Scouts a great time and they’ll have many wonderful memories to bring back home.
On hand, I have a limited edition of 40 sets of badges and woggles commemorating 100 years’ of Scouting. For those who are avid badge collectors, do place your order with me. The badges will be sold on a first come first serve basis as there are limited stock left.
A set of 2 badges + 1 woggle = $3
A laminated set of 2 badges + 1 woggle + commemorative card = $5
Sales is opened to all in Unicorn Scout Group. For a sample, please check out the photo gallery.
SL Jeremy
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  1. kjihgfedcbaBB says:


    I\’m in the homestay business too in Bournemouth, England! Anyone ever been to Bournemouth?
    B&B from £15 per night or £85 weekly.


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