Singapore River Raft Race 2007

We are 4th!
Yes, this year, we came in 4th among the Inter-school raft race. A great achievement, considering our unit has participated in the SRRR for as far as 4-5 years back. Only the top 5 winners of each category gets a prize, and we managed to walk away with a trophy and a cash prize of $50. It isn’t much, but this is a good morale booster to us and hopefully we’ll better our record come next year.
The team comprised of Benny (team leader), Clive, Yongming, Weihao and Xiaoming. This year, instead of using the usual tyre design. we’ve decided to make use of the barrels that were left over from last year’s SRRR for better bouyancy. Though we had less time to design and build the raft (due to mid-year exams), we managed to come out with a much better ‘raft-like’ design this year using just pioneering poles, lashings and 4 barrels. Together with a catchy team name ‘Crazy Frog’, the raft was completed a day before the actual event.
Come race day, most of the unit managed to turn up to support the team. It was also good to see our former teacher-in-charge, Mr. Yap around since he was the one who first suggested entering the SRRR a few years back. The weather was fantastic, though the scorching sun gave most of us more than just a tan. As usual, there were quite a few nice raft designs, with the lobster and crab designs catching the attention of most people there.
Our race was scheduled as the first race for the inter-school competition, commencing at around 1pm. Due to the usage of barrels this year, our raft floated pretty well in the water, even with the 3 rowers sitting on it. At the sound of the air horn, our boys did a good job of staying on course and doing their best to reach the finishing line. However, as we came in 4th, everyone though that the chances of getting a top 5 spot would be slim, since there were a few more other races after ours. It therefore came as a pleasant surprise to the unit when SP notified Benny that we came in 4th for the race.
I hope everyone had a fun time at the SRRR. Let’s look forward to next year and do our best again!
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One Response to Singapore River Raft Race 2007

  1. er says:

    Hey….S.M here…………………………….is Siew Ming,,
    Like that aso can get liao lor…….
    But by the way….good job to the team..

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