Meeting on 18th May and SRRR

Hi all,
Exams are finally over (for you all at least) and come friday, my exams will be over too! I’m sure most of you are raring to engage in some Scouting activities and good news, there’ll be a host of activities coming your way during the June holidays! Anyway, here are the two main activities to be held this week:
Meeting this friday (18th May)
Duration: 2.30pm – 6.30pm
Attire: Full Uniform (bring half-U)
Duty Patrol: Lion
Duty PL: Benny
Duty Scouter: Ms. Hamida
Notes: Starting from this week, all meetings will be planned by our Patrol Leaders. After each meeting, the whole unit will evaluate and give comments on what went wrong/well with the meeting and what can be improved. Please do support your PLs as they’ll need your cooperation to make every meeting a successful and meaningful one. PLs, please ensure you do up your patrol logbook as well.
Singapore River Raft Race (SRRR) (20th May)
Duration: 930am – 3pm*
Meeting avenue: Clark Quay MRT Station Control
Attire: Half Uniform (t-shirt needn’t be a school one)
Notes: The SRRR is a yearly event organized by Singapore Polytechnic. This year, instead of being held during the Jan/Feb period, the race was pushed to May instead. However, our Scouts have risen to the challenge and have decided to participate in this year’s race as well, despite the short time preparation due to the exam period.
*Depending on the time scheduled for our raft and also whether we make it to the finals, dismissal time will range between 2pm to 4pm.
More details will be provided this coming friday. See you there!
Yours in Scouting,
SL Jeremy
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