E-X-A-M, the dreaded 4 lettered word, often sends even the most composed person panicky. However, exams are meant to stay, and they’ll be around for generations to come. Instead of having fearful thoughts, here are some of the ways which you can use to better prepare yourself for the big day.
1) Alot of people think studying 6-8 hrs at one go will probably enable them to pass their exams with flying colours. Cramp all the info into my head! However, by doing so, you will tend to forget things you studied before and worse still, end up with a splitting headache! A good way to study is to take short breaks, say 15 mins after every 1-2 hrs of study. Do something else during your break, like watch TV, have something to munch, gossip on your friend’s blog etc. Allow your mind to rest and you will feel refreshed and have better memory retention!
2) There’s a chinese saying, ‘ling shi bao fo jiao’ or translated, hugging the Buddha’s leg at the last min. Even God is not going to help you in the last minute no matter how much you pray for divine help! So please start planning and studying early. The first step to hitting your books is always the hardest, and often people will like to think that there’s always a tommorow to study. Very soon, your exams will be around the corner before you know it. If you need help, form study groups and motivate each other to study, else start slowly by spending 1-2hrs each day and slowly increasing your time spent.
3) Try not to study the same subject for one whole day or even 2-3 days at a stretch. Do alternate between subjects so that it won’t get too boring, and your mind won’t get tired also.
4) Do take care of your health. You won’t want to fall sick during the exam period. If you have studied sufficiently, do sleep early and eat well.
5) Find the best time and place for you to study to the fullest! Some people can only study in the quiet of their homes, whereas some can study in a noisy environment like Macs, with their earphones plugged in. Whatever the case, do find a good place and time that you can really concentrate. However, try not to study on your bed, you will find yourself slowly being attacked by the Zzz monster and will end up sleeping rather than reading your textbooks. 🙂
6) If you feel that you do not have the motivation to study, call up one another to motivate the other party. Lots of encouragement do help. If you really need someone to talk to, you can always find me online as well or give me a ring.
Lastly, all the best for your exams! Gambatte!
Yours in Scouting,
SL Jeremy
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