F.U.S.E. – The Unicorn Experience

The time has come again for our very own Unicorn campfire! For those who do not know, a Unicorn campfire is held once every two years, and every time, we’ll try to outdo ourselves and achieve greater heights! This year, in conjunction with 100 years of Scouting, our theme for this campfire is ‘Fantastic Unicorn Scouting Experience’ or F.U.S.E. for short. Bringing in the new, while retaining the old, a fusion of new and old ideas to create a wonderful experience as we look forward to beyond our first hundred years in Scouting.
As this is our very own campfire, what better way than to get each and everyone involved in playing a part, no matter how big or small that is. As such, the details for this saturday as follow:
Date: 7th April 2007
Time: 12.30pm to 11.30pm
Location: Dunearn Secondary
Attire: Full uniform with Unicorn scarf (bring an extra t-shirt)
Notes: All are to report in half-u by 12.30pm sharp. Please ensure that you have an early lunch before turning up. Dinner will be catered for. For those wondering why the late dismissal timing, that’s because we’ll all have to chip in and clean up after the campfire. 11.30pm is an estimated dismisssal time but depending on how fast we can clear up, timing will change.
Note to all PLs. There will be a PLC this coming saturday as well at 10.30am, Dunearn Secondary. Please get your patrol reports ready by then.
SL Jeremy
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