Meeting and Mayflower Campfire

The scouts had to gather in school by 2.30pm on Saturday before proceeding to Mayflower Secondary. From 2.30pm to 4pm, the Scouts, especially those who are new, learnt some cheers taught by different seniors. After memorizing the cheers, we had water games. We were divided into two groups and each one in the group was given a number. Basically, it was a simple game like dog and bone just that it was played with sponges and water. The Scouts had a really fun and wet time. Unlucky ones got their hair all wet! We were let off by 5pm to buy dinner. By that time, it was starting to drizzle. We took a while to order our meals and then rushed back to school as we were afraid that there would be a traffic jam on the way to Mayflower Secondary. Before setting off, all of us had to don our uniforms before proceeding to Mayflower Secondary.

 When we reached Mayflower Secondary, we realized that we were the early birds and need not rush actually. As it was drizzling, the campfire had to be held in the auditorium. Not long after, the campfire started. The fire was created using electricity. Wanting to win the best supportive group, we screamed and cheered loudly.

 There were games and some of our seniors were on stage to participate in them. Sadly, they did not win anything, but we still continued to encourage them by cheering loudly. By then everyone was getting bored and started to entertain ourselves. Almost everybody was playing scissors-paper-stone. The game goes like that: if you lose, your opponent will smack you on the hand. Hence, the whole place was filled with smacking sounds.

Soon, it was the end of the campfire. Some of us, mainly the Sec 1s, took the bus back to Dunearn Secondary and from there, we were dismissed. It was a tiring but enjoyable day.

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