Happy Founder’s Day!

22nd of February was designated as our Founder’s Day. This year is especially significant as it marks the 100th year of Scouting ever since 1907 when Scouting was founded. 22nd of February was also Thinking Day, and this is no coincidence as both the birthdays of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell fell on the same day, with both of them recognized as the Chief Scout and Chief Guide of the World.
Being Founder’s Day, all Scouts and Guides have to don their uniforms and be in school for a special morning assembly. Venture Cong Song was given the task to read out the message from our Chief Commissioner to the whole school. After school, the Scouts were told to gather outside the Scouts Den for a small celebration. It has been a tradition in the past to hold a mini celebration to commemorate Founder’s Day and SL Seng Yip took the liberty to get a cake. Budiman’s mother was also kind enough to sponser sandwiches and mini sausages, which we were thankful for. Ms. Hamida had the foresight to get several bottles of drinks as well as disposible utensils, plus some food ordered from the canteen.
After a few group photos, we proceeded with the celebration in which we sang a ‘birthday song’ for Scouting before tucking in. The food was simple fare, but the camaraderie more than make up for the occasion. All the scouts also celebrated the birthday of SL Jeremy, who is turning 27 on the 26th of Feb, a stark reminder that he isn’t getting younger. It was meant to be a surprise, but with so many people around, it was hard to keep things under wraps. Nevertheless, he felt touched by the gesture and will not ‘tekan’ them so much for the next week or two.
Happy Founder’s Day to all once again. May the scouting light shine within each and every one of you always.
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