Pioneering Competition 2007

The 7th National Scoutcraft and Pioneering Competition was held on 10th February. Everyone gathered at Bishan MRT station control at around 10am before heading down to Bishan Park II for the actual event. Almost the whole unit were present, a very good start to our first official event! The weather was scorching, and the trees barely provided enough shade to keep everyone cool.
The registration for the first minor event, 3-2-1 flagpole started around 11am and Unity, being one of the last schools in alphabetical order, was put in the last heats for most events. Despite having limited practices for the events and also, with the pioneering competition being a first for most of the scouts, it was a good attempt and experience for all present. Teamwork and cooperation were the main emphasis and the competition was a good opportunity to give our scouts the exposure and to benchmark our level of competency against other units.
There is definately much more room for improvement and I hope all scouts will not be discouraged by their failure to win in the events, but to focus on improving themselves and aim higher for future events. And for our new sec 1 and sec 2 scouts, this will be an introduction to what you all will do in the coming months, and hopefully, by then, we can perform better in the next pioneering competition!
For now, let us take the time to recover from our sunburns.  Enjoy the photos in the gallery!
Yours in scouting,
SL Jeremy
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One Response to Pioneering Competition 2007

  1. Liu says:

    Wow the photos are uploaded already?!! Anyway, for those who participated in the various events in the competition, please do not be disappointed in coming back empty handed. In fact you all came back full load of experience for ur future development. Most importantly, you all had fun, right? XD
    Happy Scouting!!!!
     Weiyuan (>^.^)>

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