Meeting details for 9th and 10th Feb

Hi Scouts,
The meeting details as follow for the 9th and 10th of February:
9th Feb
There will be no meeting on Friday. However, all participants of the Pioneering Competition are to assemble outside the Scouts Den. All equipment to be brought over to Bishan Park must be prepared and ready to load onto the lorry by 2pm. All sec 3s except those with valid reasons are to follow the lorry to Bishan Park to unload.
Duty Leader: Jerome
10th Feb
All Scouts are to meet at Bishan MRT Station Control by 1030am sharp in half-uniform. All participants are to bring along their full uniform (inclusive of beret) for the events. Those who are unable to attend, please inform the duty Scout Leader.
Duty Leader: Jeremy (h/p: 97440753)

Summary of participating events for Pioneering Competition
3-2-1 Flagpole (4 scouts)
Equipment: 6 poles, 3 guylines, sufficient lashings, flag (unity flag)
Attire: Full scout uniform
Things to note: No pulley is allowed. Tie a pulley knot in place of pulley
Chariot Race (3 scouts)
Equipment: 4 spars, 5 lashings
Attire: Half-uniform
Things to note: The length of the chariot must be 2 metres in length (minimum requirements).
Blindfold Tentage (6 scouts)
Equipment: tentage is provided, bring 8 pegs
Attire: Full scout uniform
Roman Canonball (4 scouts)
Equipment: poles, spars, lashings for individual design
Attire: Half-uniform
Sour Grapes (8 scouts)
Equipment: 1 pole (4m in length), 1 spar, 2 lashings
Attire: Half-uniform
Things to note: The pole must be marked at the 1m and 4m length.
Logging (2 scouts)
Equipment: 2 axe (1 spare)
Attire: Half-uniform
Please get the equipment ready before the lorry arrives.
SL Jeremy

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