Unit History

Unity Unicorn was founded in 2001, barely a year after Unity Secondary was established. With a desire to promote Scouting in the vicinity, the then-Exco took the first step in establishing a scout unit in a relatively new school. With a starting strength of less than 10 boys, the unit has progressed remarkably to a current strength of 50 boys and girls.
With the official recognition of girl scouts, the unit has open its recruitment to both boys and girls. Adopting the land and sea series, there are eight patrols altogether : Bear, Lion, Mousedeer, Panther and Tiger (Land); Whale, Seahorse and Shark (Sea). The boys are all part of the Land series while the girls are part of the Sea series.
In the span of a decade, the unit has established itself firmly within the district and has played host to numerous events, including PLTC and the much recent District Pioneering Competition. For two years running, we have also achieved the Frank Cooper Sands (Gold) Award, the highest accolade bestowed to units who performed beyond expectations amongst all the units within Singapore.
Helmed by a dedicated group of Volunteer Adult Leaders (VAL) along with the unyielding support of the Teachers-in-Charge, the unit aims to incalculate our 5 Scout Laws of Trust, Loyalty, Friendship, Discipline and Perseverance within each Scout as well as to bring forth the adventurous spirit within the youths through courses and activities planned for them.
Past and Current Unit Scout Leaders
Mr. Kenny Tan (2001 – 2002)
Mr. Tan Zhengxing (2002 – 2004)
Mr. Jeremy Yong (2004 – 2009)
Mr. Mhd Shafri Bin Amat Noor (2010 – Current)
Past and Current Teacher-in-Charge
Mr. Yap Kian Wee (2001 – 2006)
Ms. Hamida (2006  – 2009)
Mr. Lim boon Liang (2010 – Current)
Current Organization Structure for 2010
Mr. Lim Boon Liang
Ms. Hamida
Scout Leaders
Mr. Mhd. Shafri (Unit Scout Leader)
Mr. Jeremy Yong (Advisor)
Mr. Jerome Chen (Asst. Scout Leader)
Mr. Yap Kian Wee (Asst. Scout Leader)
Mr. Patrick Lin (Auxillary Leader)
Mr. Liu Wei Yuan (Auxillary Leader)
Mr. Lau Kin Mun (Auxillary Leader)
Mr. Tan Yu Xiong (Auxillary Leader)
Mr. Bjorn Cheng (Auxillary Leader)
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