Investiture 2007

This year’s investiture, like all other investitures, was a unique and solemn affair. Involving scouts from both Dunearn and Unity, the investiture was held at Bt. Brown Chinese Cemetery off Sime Road. At around 830pm, the delegation of about leaders and scouts set off for our destination. Arriving at slightly after 915pm, the group was separated into two. While the new recruits were being sent off for a test of courage, the solo walk through a part of the cemetery, the rest were briefed on the procedure that will take place during the investiture.
The actual investiture commenced at around 11pm, 1/2 hour behind schedule. The Rovers had a hard time searching for the exact road leading to the biggest tomb found in the cemetery, and possibly in the whole of Singapore. Hidden away from the main path, the whole group had to bash through part of the undergrowth uphill before arriving at the designated area. The tomb was huge, and the cemented area around the gravestone easily fit the whole group comfortably.
The investiture was started off by our RSL who formally invested Ms. Hamida as a leader of the Unicorn Scout Group. Both Albert and Noel, the Scout Leaders in-charge of Dunearn were then called upon to invest their new recruits. Our new recruits from Unity were then invested by Jeremy and Ms. Hamida. Jason, the acting Venture Scout Leader in place of Kenny who was unable to attend the event, proceeded to invest the rest of the Junior Ventures and Wee Chew, the newest Rover to join in the ranks of the Rover Team.
The whole experience was unforgettable, especially for our new recruits who had to go on a solo walk before the investiture. Welcome to the Unicorn family and may you have a wonderful time with us!
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  1. yapkw says:

    Wow!  This is wonderful.  Thanks.

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