Meeting on Wed [20th Oct]

Hi all,

As Friday is promotion day, we’ll be shifting the meeting to this coming Wednesday. Our programme for this meeting will include briefing about the upcoming Combined Overseas Camp, Jamboree, launching of our new scout website as well as the exciting activities that we have lined up for you during the school hols (abseiling etc.) Please take note of the details below:

Wednesday [20th October]
Assembly Point: Scouts Den
Duration: 3pm – 6.30pm
Attire: Half-U with Scarf (Unicorn Tee preferably else Scout/Sch Tee)
Duty Patrol / PL: Panther / Nickson
Duty Scouter: SL Jeremy
– PLs, please bring along your patrol logbook. Sir Shafri will be down for a short inspection.
– As this will be one, if not the last meeting for this Term, please keep this day free as there will be a couple of important announcements to be made.

Scouter Jeremy




Hi all,

As you can see, our blog has moved from Spaces.Live to WordPress. It would seem that Spaces.Live have tied up with WordPress and are thus shifting its operations over to this new webhost, which explains why Spaces.Live has been  so laggy the past couple of weeks.

This afternoon, I was ‘forced’ to migrate the site to WordPress as it’ll seem that Spaces.Live would not be supported any longer. However, I’ve also decided to shut down this blog as there are many functions which are not supported. By the time you finish your exams, we’ll have a brand new blog with easier navigation and functions so stay tuned!

Scouter Jeremy

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Phototaking for Jamboree on Monday

To all Jamboree participants,
Please bring along the following items on Monday for the phototaking:
1) Beret
2) National scarf with woggle
3) Scout Shirt/Blouse
I’ll see you at the Scouts Den from 2.20pm onwards. First come first serve.
Scouter Jeremy
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Last Meeting – Lantern Festival Celebration [24th Sep]

Hi all,

In view of upcoming exams, this will be our last official meeting before CCA stand-down for the next month or so. As a result, since we are in the midst of lantern festival, we will be having a really special meeting this coming Friday. Ms Hamida will be teaching us how to make snowskin mooncakes and everyone can bring home at least 2 of your own creation for your family to try! See below for more details:
Friday [24th September]
Assembly area: Scouts Den
Duration: 4pm – 8.30pm 
Attire: PT Kit (extra change – see below for details)
Duty Patrol / PL : Tiger / Jasper
Duty Scouter: ASL Jerome
– No flag-raising/lowering for this meeting.
– Dinner is provided in School before heading to the Park.
– We will be going to the CCK Park after dinner and in the spirit of the festival, lanterns will be provided for everyone! Those who wish to bring candles to light may do so as well.
– You are encouraged to leave your school bags at home. Report to school in your PT kit but if you wish to, do bring an extra set of outside clothes to change before we head to the Park. You might want to bring a small bag to keep your valuables as well.
Scouter Jeremy
PS: Those who attended the Photography Course during the Sept Holiday, do bring your cameras along. It’ll be a good opportunity to do some food + night photography, especially with the many coloured lanterns and candles which will create a very nice effect. Those who are interested as well, bring your cameras along too!
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No meeting this Friday [17th Sep]

Hi all,

Due to Teachers’ Day Lunch on Friday, there will be no meeting this coming week. Have a good break! =)
For all PLs (Clement, Wei Kang, Nickson, Jasper, Casmond, Ann Peng, Sharlene, Huili), QM (Daniel), KM (Erwin) and Scribe (Wei Han), there will be a Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) this coming Wednesday at 2.45pm, Scouts Den. Please prepare your Patrol Report. 
Patrol Report to include the following:
1) Attendance of Patrol Members (including yourself)
2) Members Progress
3) Targets until EOY
4) Issues & Problems + suggested Solutions
QM/KM Report
1) Items that are damaged/spoilt
2) Replacement items
3) Suggestions and projected budget
If for any reason the PL is unable to attend, please send your APL to attend on behalf of you. Of course, any decisions made by your APL cannot be reverted as he/she is representing the patrol on your behalf.
Scouter Jeremy
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Selamat Hari Raya

Hi all,

Selamat Hari Raya to our Malay Scouts and Leaders! May you have a wonderful and joyous time ahead! Please don’t forget to bring those delicious cookies and share them around during next Scout meeting. =)
Also, for the seven of you (Alicia, Atiqah, Siu Ling, Amalina, Clement, Kelvin and Jasper) who attended today’s Basic Photography Course, I do hope you can put to use your new found knowledge and continue to hone your skills. I may conduct another Basic Photography Course for those who are interested (must have sufficient people) as well as an Advance Photography Course for those who have completed the Basic (likely after EYE exams). Meanwhile, do post your photos and we’ll help to critic and give advice to one another so that everyone can improve on their photo-taking skills as time to come.
Scouter Jeremy
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Basic Photography Course

Hi all,

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be conducting a Basic Photography Course for up to 10 people. Details as follow:
Basic Photography Course [9th Sept, Thurs]
Location: Scout Den
Duration: 9.30pm to 12.30pm
Attire: PT kit (scout or school tee)
Things to bring:
– digital camera (fully charged)
– data cable if possible (to upload photos to laptop)
– stationery
– lunch money if lunching outside
We’ll be having a short theory session followed by practical then lunch (I’m not treating. =P). The whole session will not take more than 3hrs. As this course is not covered by consent form, do ensure that you inform your parents about it as this is on a voluntary basis. Currently, the names I have are:
Alicia, Erica, Vivian, Amalina, Kelvin, Clement (nt confirmed), Jasper. 
3 more slots. Do sms me or write in tagboard.
Scouter Jeremy
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Diagonal Lashing

For those who always think Diagonal Lashing is used as long as two poles are not intersecting at 90 degrees, this article below informs us about the correct usage of using this form of lashing:


Diagonal lashing is used to bind poles together that cross each other but do not touch when their ends are lashed in place in a structure.

The diagonal lashing gets its name from the fact that the wrapping turns cross the poles diagonally. The diagonal lashing can be used to bind poles that cross each other from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.

The diagonal lashing makes use of the timber hitch to pull poles together that are not touching each other. The timber hitch allows the poles to be drawn together without changing the relative positions of the poles. [NOTE] If a square lashing were used to bind poles that do not touch, the beginning clove hitch would pull the cross pole toward the clove hitch causing unnecessary bowing of the cross pole and could also produce a force that would act along the length of the pole to which the clove hitch is tied. These additional force, if strong enough, can place unnecessary strain on other lashing within the structure causing the structure to twist and fail.

In simple words, the diagonal lashing is used to pull two poles together which has a gap in between them, for e.g. the ‘X’ part of a trestle when you make your chariot. On the other hand, the square lashing can be used to bind poles that cross each other from 45 to 90 degrees as long as it doesn’t fulfill the condition stated above.
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